About us

About us

Our clinic has been welcoming patients in the heart of Szombathely for more than 20 years. Our highly qualified specialists and staff take care of your professional needs at our comfortable and state-of-the-art dentistry!


Dr. Csapó Imre


Dr. Szabó Veronika


Dr. Németh Gergely


Fülöpné Székely Viktória

dental hygienist

Szabó Katalin


Tóth Éva


The primary goal of our doctors is to give the best of their knowledge to find the best solution, tailored to the patients’ individual needs. In order to do this, they are constantly expanding their knowledge with the latest findings at domestic and international professional training courses. These are adapted to everyday practice and implemented with a strong focus on your unique needs and individuality.

By devoting the maximum amount of time, they prepare you for the treatments in a language that can be understood even by non-professionals.

Our assistant and dental hygienist colleagues working alongside our specialists, as well as the technician colleagues working in the background, help us in our successful work. Our receptionist is at your disposal from making the first appointment to the last moment, so that you can leave with a smile. Our dental taxi drivers take care of your transportation and the delivery of our products. All members of our team can communicate with you in several languages (English, German, Italian, French) so that our joint work cannot be interrupted!

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Why should you choose us?


Our dental office has been welcoming patients for more than 20 years, and our dental technology lab also operates parallelly with it. The two areas develop and cooperate inseparably together. 

  • Our dentists deal with different tooth replacements every day
  • Our odontologist has been making implants for more than 20 years  implantátum beültetéssel
  • In our dental laboratory, quantitative and qualitative tooth replacements are prepared not only for our dentists


In our dental office, we’ve always been trying to take maximum care of our patients.

  • Our dentists and assistants take part in professional courses regularly.
  • Introduction and utilization of opportunities provided by technical innovations
  • Emphatic treatment, friendly staff 
  • Short deadlines

Technological background

The technical tool park of our office undergoes continuous modernization as well as our dental technology laboratory, which has also been operating for more than 20 years. It always takes advantage of the latest inventions.

  • Use of an Oralscanner
  • 3D printing 
  • CAD-CAM technology


Our main goal is that our guests who choose us and our services leave satisfied, with healthy and well-groomed teeth! We are sure that the recommendation of our patients is a credible source in terms of the good reputation of our clinic!  

We are committed to helping you maintain the health of your teeth, thus promoting your physical and mental harmony!

I arrived at the surgery as a very nauseous patient. Dr. Sági waited patiently until I calmed down and distracted me in the meantime. Finally, a place where I didn't have to feel uncomfortable about it.
Tooth restoring treatment
My manual brushing technique was not good. The doctor showed me the proper way, and I was able to try an electric toothbrush right away, which I have been using since then.
Oral hygiene
I didn't even have to track the end of the healing time after the implant, because I was notified automatically.
I had my teeth pulled, and after a few hours the temporary restoration was ready to be put in place, so I didn't have to go out on the street toothless.
Dental technology service


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