Tooth replacements

Tooth replacements

Tooth replacements

Thanks to modern technology and the expertise of our doctors, the teeth can now be restored both aesthetically and functionally, and there are many different solutions and variations for this.

There are removable or combined replacements: complete upper and lower dentures, telescopic crowns, push-button dentures, dentures fixed with locators, braced dentures, partial or full replacements made with different anchoring techniques. Also, there are fixed replacements: crowns, bridges, inlays, and replacements attached to implants with glue or screws.

Crown and bridge replacements

Their preparation takes at least two occasions. For the first time, the teeth to be crowned are prepared, cast is taken and temporary crowns are made in order to restore the living teeth and oral aesthetics. After that, depending on the replacement, after 4-12 working days, we insert the finished denture.

Producing these replacements can be done from different materials at our dentistry:

Zircon, so full ceramic:     

The most modern and the most aesthetic metal-free, so-called all-ceramic, i.e. zirconium, dental replacements.

The advantages of zirconium:     

-metal-free, so it is also recommended for patients with metal allergies

– long service life, easy to load

– high aesthetic effect

– produced using computer-controlled technology

Titanium-based or metal-ceramic restorations with porcelain veneers:    

Our clinic has several years of experience in the field of tooth replacements made of these materials.


In the event that the crown part of the tooth is missing, we use its pin structure to replace it.

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