ALL ON 4 / 5 / 6 -EN

ALL ON 4 / 5 / 6 -EN

Are you looking for a fixed solution for your complete absence of teeth?

This is what we recommend!

This is the most modern, latest technology of the fixed total tooth replacement options with perfect results! 

A new solution for patients who suffer from such extensive jawbone breakdown that there is not enough space in the molar region, or it cannot be replaced with bone. It is also a good solution for our patients for whom bone replacement is possible, but they still want to avoid it.

 The All-on-4 system can really be the solution that can make a patient feel like they are getting their original teeth back. This tooth replacement restores the entire dental arch with the restoration attached to the 4/5/6 implant.

The reasons why we recommend it:

All-on-4-5-6 makes it possible for you to regain the experience of a natural smile!

The All-on-4 solution also gives our patients the option of not having to remain toothless even during the healing period!  Within 1-2 days after the implant, we can offer the option of a fixed temporary denture, which can feel just as good and secure as natural teeth.

After the healing time – which is 4-6 months – we place the permanently fixed denture with premium quality teeth, or we can even make a zirconia – full ceramic – bridge over the implants!  You are in the right place if you also agree that the success of the treatment requires the following: good planning, a precise and experienced implantologist, a well-trained dentist who is experienced in prosthetics, and last but not least, a well-equipped, high-tech laboratory.

All this together provides you the WARRANTY!

–Nobel Biocare, SGS or AlphaBio implant material: lifelong warranty

–Implants: 1-year warranty

–Denture: 1-year warranty

The condition of the guarantee in all cases is the regular control, the frequency of which depends on the treatment carried out and on what is prescribed by the doctor, as well as compliance with the other guarantee conditions.

If you are also involved in this issue, do not hesitate, sign up for a consultation now so that you can find out about the system, its advantages and our prices as soon as possible!


After the first consultation, we can usually arrange an appointment for oral surgery – implantation – within two to three weeks. Within 1-2 working days after the implant, we will transform your existing set of teeth in our laboratory, which will be fixed with screws and used during the healing period, or you will receive a completely new set of teeth for this time, which will also be provided to you within 1-2 days. About 10-12 days after the treatment, a check-up, suture removal, denture cleaning is required, and then the patient can recover for 3-6 months, decided during the consultation.

The All-on-4-5-6 procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, so the intervention is painless. Pain or swelling may occur after the operation, it depends on the individual. We provide our patients with the necessary information, follow-up care and medications.

Heavy physical work is not recommended for 2-3 days, but otherwise there are no special prohibitions.

We are happy to provide information on the exact cost of the All-on-4 system during a consultation, which includes the preparation of an X-ray and a discussion with our odontologist. If a CT scan is also necessary, we will have it taken at a nearby clinic.

Our qualified dental technician colleagues will use modern technology to make your dentures and bridges, which will be appropriate in terms of colour, shape, material and quality. And you will also have the opportunity to request changes during the try-ons, within certain limits!

We work with SGS, Nobel Biocare implants and accessories which are perfectly designed for the All on 4-5-6 system (or other existing implants that are suitable for this type of tooth replacement), since the quality of the products used is extremely important. These implants made of titanium material with special threads are integrated into the body.

Older patients sometimes think that because of their age they can no longer have dental restorations attached to implants, but this is not the case, because age is not such a deciding factor, but rather the state of health, but above all, the amount of bone.

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