Surgical interventions have been taking place in our office for more than 20 years.

In order to be able to offer our patients a full range of tooth replacements, we undertake all kinds of interventions, from complicated tooth extraction to implants.

The most common interventions:

-tooth extraction
– correction of gums and their inflammation
– root apex resection

Removing teeth

In our clinic, teeth are removed by an odontologist. These are interventions done with local anaesthesia. Special tooth extractions (wisdom teeth, root extractions, impacted, meaning yet-not-appeared teeth) are performed using an exploratory method.

Root apex resection, cyst removal

The surgical intervention, when an inflammatory lesion formed at the tip of the root is removed under local anaesthesia, e.g. granuloma, cyst, etc. It is remedied by cutting the apex of the root and cleaning out the bone.

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