In our laboratory, we work with completely different methods now than when we first started in the 1990s. Of course, the use of the traditional, classic dental technical foundations and techniques were essential for the development of our modern laboratory world.

Industrial development has entered this sector as well and we are taking advantage of this! 


We can proudly say that we receive orders not only from our own or external dentists, but also from other laboratories, because in addition to traditional methods, with the help of our computer-controlled technical innovations, we can also produce products by simply sending data, i.e. files.


  • CAD-CAM is a mosaic word, an abbreviation that defines our everyday life, which provides incredible opportunities for our medical colleagues and makes our patients’ lives smiley. CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a computer-controlled design method that our engineers have been working with for quite some time.

  • The technology is a 3-dimensional plan of the desired tooth replacement or implant made by specialists, in this case dental technicians, with the help of a purposefully developed software. The computer displays for us the sample taken from the mouth, scanned in advance with a special scanner, on which the denture selected by the dentist and the patient can be digitally built. At this stage, our “designer” technician colleagues must have a lot of experience, since only human hands and senses can perfectly create the patient-tailored anatomical forms. However, only the computer, in this case the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) knows how to make this dental work much more precise than humans would process and produce it. The design of the planned “works” is now entrusted to robot technology with millimetre precision. 

  • To the greatest advantage of the patient, the technology ensures a perfect, accurate design, a longer service life, so a quality tooth replacement, and on the other hand, an even more aesthetic and comfortable attire in the mouth!

  •  Let’s not forget about quickness either! The replacement of certain manual processes with machines significantly shortens the production time without having to compromise in quality.

In our laboratory, we prepare the following types of tooth replacements not mentioning all of them:

– PMMA and metal-free i.e. zircon replacements made with Cad-Cam technology

– absolutely allergy-free fixed or combined replacements made on a titanium frame

– tooth replacements made for different types of implants: glued, screwable, all on 4/5/6, push button, locator, bar work

-tooth replacements made with precious metals 

-Inlay, Onlay, veneer, crowns, bridges, abutments, telescopic crowns, telescopic system bridges

In our laboratory, we have always been very careful to work with quality materials, as it is important to us that both our patients and our customers are satisfied with our work.

Materials used by us (not a complete list): VITA, C-HAFNER, BEGO, BREDENT, GRADIA, ELSA, DEGUSSA, KULZER


RECOMMENDED to our doctors and customers

Thanks to advanced technology, we can even carry out lab work remotely. In the developing world of scanners, it is enough to send a file or a scan and we can start working, and we can immediately deliver the finished tooth replacement to our customers, no matter if it is a doctor or another dental technician colleague.

Our finished works can be delivered abroad on request within 24 hours using Fedex or our “lab taxi” service.

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